Date Gangnam Style!!

There is some truth to be learnt from PSY about dating… ForWiseGirls, the English version could help us understand how to date wisely and with style in our own way that is… Here’s the English translation of the latest dance craze.. Take what you can from it and see if it would help you in making the right choices … Here we go!!

Eiii Sexy WiseGIrl …. Date Gangnam style!!!

You are are warm during the day…

You are  a classy girl who knows how to enjoy the freedom of a cup of coffee

You are  a girl whose heart gets hotter when the night comes, at the right time in your dating life

A girl with that kind of twist!

He’s a guy who is as warm as you during the day

He wants a girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays within the right boundaries ;)

He thinks that a girl who covers herself is sexier than a girl who bares it all,

He likes  a WiseGirl! Oppa Gangnam Style!

Your right guy seems calm but gets you!

He’ll go completely crazy at the right time with you! and only you!!

Your guy  have bulging ideas that will take you somewhere rather than bulging muscles

That’s your guy!

You are most beautiful in his eyes!

He finds you superbly sexy! sexy WiseGirl!

He’s a man who knows a thing or two, learn to know him to trust him first!

Oh Wise Sexy Girl, date Gangnam Style!

Date Gangnam Style!

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– Italics added for emphasis; courtesy of PSY

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