Date Night in the City

professionalLike everything else, dating is modernising, changing and evolving into something more fun and imaginative. Gone are the days where it was a restaurant, a movie and then home, now people are thinking of all sorts of exciting and engaging date night ideas, and this is actually making dating more successful.

If the date is more enjoyable it increases the chances of there being a second date, what’s more is doing something different can take the nervousness and attention from your date, making you more relaxed around one another. And if you find your date isn’t the one for you, at least it won’t feel like a night wasted if you’ve had fun and or learnt something in the process. is a dating site specially designed to help singles meet and fall in love, to make this happen the site offers lots of dating tips and advice, including unusual and fun date night ideas. Online dating is becoming more and more popular, particularly in the UK, as more busy singles start to see the benefits of finding love online. is one of the leading online dating sites, with a high number of single members signing up to the site increasingly daily. To read more about the boom in online dating, go to

The experts at have come up with some alternative date night ideas, specially designed for dating in the city:
  • Murder Mystery Dinner: what better way to take the attention off your date than solving a murder mystery, you and your date can work as a team to solve the crime.
  • Cocktail Making Session: this is a great date night idea for two reasons, firstly you will learn how to make some of your favourite cocktails and have fun doing it, and secondly, you’ll get to drink all of the cocktails you make.
  • Class Dating: join a class, such as a cooking class or a dancing class, something that will make you communicate and work closely together. If you join a class that is on-going, this indicates a certain level of commitment to the relationship.
  • Music Dating: if you like the same music why not go to some concerts together and introduce each other to some of your favourite music, bonding over music will make the date much easier.
  • Spa Dating: give your partner a spa date, you don’t have to book a fancy spa to do this, you can create one at home with scented candles, rose petals, a bubble bath and a massage.
  • Museum Dating: visit an art gallery or a museum for your date, soak up the culture and learn some interesting facts, both about your date and the exhibitions.
  • Activity Dating: most cities have some kind of outdoor activity available, something like go karting, ice skating, bowling or rock climbing.
  • Theatre Dating: whether it’s a classic production or a pantomime, the theatre is perfect for that romantic setting.

If you are one of the growing numbers of single people getting tired of the traditional ways of dating, why not try out some of these exciting date night ideas.

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