Delia GibsonThe value or mantra I try to apply to everything I do is ‘Treat others how you would want to be treated if you were in their shoes’. The sentiment is nothing groundbreaking but actually trying to practice that in your everyday interactions can be a challenge. I don’t always get it right but I try to and I think working in that way has been the key to any success I have had.

The kinds of actions that boils down to are: recognizing & promoting when others have done something great, admitting when you have made a mistake, being inclusive & collaborative, seeking feedback, giving feedback transparently, delivering on what you promise. I am not very senior within Capco and my role is not the most visible in any one location (as I work across all of them) so by those measures I am not a natural role model. Instead, I try to role model the behaviors I think are important so they touch those I work with and I hope they have influence in that way.

I am currently heading up the Talent Management Center of Excellence at Capco, working in a global strategic HR projects role implementing programs across Capco (3,000+ employees worldwide) and its parent company FIS (39,000+ employees worldwide). I am also part of the #BeYourselfAtWork work team which looks after diversity and inclusion at Capco, something I am passionate about.

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