Did you apply for a job but didn’t quite fit the job description? You could be part of a campaign for International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, ET Casting, on the behalf of a popular job search engine, are looking for people who initially didn’t think they matched the full job description for their current or a previous job but who applied anyway and got the role! 

“Women talk themselves out of jobs if they aren’t a 100 per cent match.”

“Imposter Syndrome is holding back so much potential.”

“Women who don’t think they’re the perfect match are not even applying.”

Is this you or someone you know?

They are looking for a broad range of people to include those who are employed, self-employed, founders, freelancers and entrepreneurs/self-starters.

They want to prove that you don’t have to be a perfect match to a job description in order to excel in a role!

Is this your story?

Each successful candidate will be paid £300 for a few hours of their time for filming + a further £2000 to cover the one month online usage of the commercial.

Successful candidates will be filmed in a COVID safe way, either from their place of work OR from their own home.

We are looking for people to share their stories from these specific countries (you may be from there and now reside in the UK, or live there currently):

  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • USA

Examples of the job sectors:

  • Science & Engineering (eg. Pharmaceutical researcher, car engineer) 
  • Marketing & Communications (eg. Digital marketer, brand marketer, PR Specialist, events) 
  • Linguistics (eg. Publisher, foreign language teacher, speech & language therapist) 
  • Politics (eg. Communications coordinator, legislative aide, policy analyst, campaigns) 
  • Business (eg. Data analyst, advisor, development manager) 
  • IT (eg. Web developer, technician, programmer) 
  • Arts & Culture (eg. Writer, artist, filmmaker, fashion designer, game designer) 

How to apply

Please follow the link to fill out ET Casting‘s brief online application form: CLICK HERE

Secondly, we need a quick introduction video from you (filmed on your phone – easy!)

In this video, please answer the following: 

  • Your name and country/city where you are based & where you are originally from.
  • How much of the job description did you believe you met when you applied for/stepped in to your position and can you articulate this as a percentage? Eg. I ticked 40 per cent of the boxes but got the job anyway and now I can do it all!
  • What elements of your job description did you believe that you didn’t meet when you were applying?
  • How did you feel about this then? With hindsight, how do you feel about this now?
  • What encouraged you to go for this role despite you feeling you didn’t match the entire description / usual expectations of the role?
  • Are you still able/required to go to work during lockdown?
  • If yes – what is your workplace like and would you be able to film yourself there?
  • If no – what is your work from home set up like?
  • What hobbies do you have outside of work?

Please upload videos directly to ET Casting’s Dropbox via this link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/MZ2JKj4icHK3oxlllASY

Please label your videos clearly with your full name (as per your application form), for example: SARAH_SMITH.mp4

The sooner they get your application form and video the better, but absolute deadline is 12pm Monday 1st February 2021.  

The shoot will take place in mid-February, most likely Monday 15th – Tuesday 16th February 2021 (Exact logistics TBC due to Covid-19 restrictions)

No acting/modelling experience necessary.

This casting is fully inclusive – we are looking for applicants of ALL ages, looks, nationalities & ethnicities, cultural backgrounds & abilities, genders & sexualities.

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