Diet in a Box – Review

Once again in the quest to achieve a healthy body mass we decided to trail a diet delivery service.  One of the things that came up time and time again when we researched peoples diet issues was portion control.  I remember sitting with the head of Weight Watchers and being shown what a pasta or rice portion should look like and it was probably a 1/3rd of what I would normally serve myself.  As I am also constrained for time, having my meals delivered to my door knowing they are calorie counted is again something that very much appealed to me.

Diet in a box can be ordered over the phone or via the internet and does exactly what it says on the tin (or on the box).  Each Friday for approx. £120 a box of food is delivered alongside a sheet explaining what meal is for what day.  Some of the meals have to be put straight in to the freezer and others you can keep in the fridge.   The food itself was tasty enough, the portions were a decent size as well.  I actually tried Detox in a box so there was definitely more of a health kick in term my eating plan.  I found it very easy to just grab something out of the fridge and take it to work or coming in and heating up a pouch in a saucepan, but for some reason I found it fairly boring come the second week.  Although the menu was varied for both the 2nd week and 3rd I just feel like I was on a diet if that makes any sense.

So whilst I recommend it as a short term solution to get your weight loss started and your portion sizes under control, I think it is a little over priced for what it is (and I know there are cheaper options on the market).  The food is healthy and tasty and it does arrive well packed and fresh.  On the flip side, I thought the instructions could have been a little clearer and a nice addition to their service could have been a motivational phone call each week.

Does it work: Yes – we lost 7lb

Cost: £120 for a week (discounts on bulk buys)

Effort rating: Easy


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