A Different Kind Of Resolution

Happy New Year!  How many New Years resolutions have you made?  How many do you think you will keep?  Not many?  I have a theory about that.

Most resolutions are about changing a habit, stopping or starting something.  Trouble is that if we really wanted to do that then we probably already would be.  Just because it is New Year doesn’t make us any more likely to have a stronger will power.  In fact setting a resolution and then failing can make use feel even worse about ourselves.

So how’s this for an idea – setting resolutions for things you want to do, be or have.  Things that make us feel excited about achieving.  Things that we have not yet done, not because we do not want them but simply because we have not yet worked out how to do them or have not made time for them.  Things we are truly passionate about.  Passions are so important in life and as I say when I take a client through the Passion Test – passions are the signposts to living a full and happy life.  Whenever you are faced with a choice, decision or opportunity, always chose in favour of your passions.

I suggest you sit down and write a list of 50 things you want to do this year.  No ‘shoulds’ allowed, simply fun stuff for the pure pleasure of them.  These can be big things, like travelling to Thailand to go to that Spa you read about to visiting an art gallery that you heard about but never got around to going.  Or maybe you have always wanted to make more time for quality time with an individual friend or time for yourself to simply ‘be’.  I had one client who had visiting different areas of the city she lived in, places that had caught her interest but she had never got around to visiting.  It gave her so much pleasure.

These things do not have to cost a lot of money, they are simply experiences that you have had on your one-day list and now you are making them your 2015 list.

It does not matter how big or small the things are you put on the list, the key is to write it and start to tick it off.  You have a whole year which means that you will probably be doing something new every week.

Now think about it. If you were ticking one new experience off your list every week how would you feel?  Excited, happy, fulfilled, chuffed that you did something new, energised, brimming with even more ideas?  Yep all that and probably more.

Now imagine this – if you felt like that every week, those old resolutions, to be more healthy, stop smoking, lose weight, do more exercise, all those ‘shoulds’ will suddenly seem so much more doable, in fact they may simply take care of themselves.

If you are happier in yourself then you probably won’t eat so much and you may not even need those cigarettes that mask the feeling of unhappiness and emptiness.  Because you feel happier you will have more energy and so taking exercise could then become a fun thing to do.  Your life will look and feel so different you will shift how you approach it, all happening because you set a resolution to enjoy your life.

Life is supposed to be fun and this is the best kind of resolution that you can make – go have fun in 2015!

JMcGJ-lowAuthor Bio

Jessica is an international Coach, Author and Speaker.  She works with people who are at a crossroads in their life and helps them discover their true passions and live them, whether it be in their work or personal life. She coaches people individually as well as running workshops and retreats in the UK and Spain.  You can read the first two chapters of her book of “The Right T-Shirt, Write Your Own Rules and Live the Life You Want” just click here. http://www.jessicamcgregorjohnson.com/signup.html

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