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The 500 acres in East London is old news now; the Summer Olympics are over and the real attraction is four miles southwest of the Stadium. The Heron Tower is placed among the best central London hotels, and has two hidden gems on the 38-39th and 40th floors. The skyscraper was completed in 2011, and has delicious sky-high dining ready for the public.


SushisambaAll the way up on floors 38 and 39 is the South American restaurant that does a great job in blending Asian flavours with their menu. Some highlights are the Peruvian anticuchos, or the robata-grilled Brazilian churrasco. Of course, as the name suggests, they serve the freshest Japanese sushi and tempura.

Sushisamba takes great pride in their cultural fusion—Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian music, cuisine, and design. The tri-cultural coalition took place in the early 1900’s when Japanese emigrants made their way to South America to use their fertile soil and cultivate coffee farms. The integration of these three cultures flourished when the Japanese travelled to cities such as Lima and São Paulo.

The 340 light-bulb bamboo canopy with the Ipanema Beach walkway inspired speckled black/white flooring are just a few of the design highlights. Amongst the interior and music, the cultural phenomenon brought a culinary coup. In a matter of years, Brazilian moquecas and bright ceviches found a regular spot on the table with tender sashimi and miso soup. You’ll find all of these traditional dishes along with their own inventive twists at Sushisamba. By combining imagination, history, and height, the restaurant really gives a unique experience.

Duck & Waffle

Duck & WaffleIf you crave heights and need the adrenaline, then go up to the top-floor and dine at the Duck & Waffle which opened up earlier in August. The modern European cuisine was created by Daniel Doherty, a ‘chef in the sky’, as he calls himself. The restaurant is open 24 hours and includes the foie grass all day breakfast to give you a positive start to your day (if your arteries allow it). With salty pig shards, fried eggs, black pudding, and nutella brioche slices, you really can’t be disappointed with the dish.

Whether you’re a Shoreditch clubber or more of a morning person, the Duck & Waffle will have you covered. Even drop in for some Eccles cakes with Fourme d’Ambert to enjoy with your afternoon tea. The restaurant is inspired by British and European influences which really show through the lively atmosphere. An array of dishes that are perfect for sharing promises to give a pleasing experience. As opposed to Sushisamba, the Duck & Waffle emphasises local, country, and seasonal British ingredients that are manifested on the daily.

Duck & Waffle may be higher than Sushisamba, but the latter has an outdoor terrace facing west and one looking east. It comes down to personal preference—the cuisine and environment largely differ. One thing they have in common, though, is the height! Bring some binoculars to get a dizzy but memorable view of the Gherkin right below you, the River Thames following it, the Shard right across, and the Olympic stadium in the distance.

Sushisamba: http://sushisamba.com/
Duck & Waffle: http://duckandwaffle.com
Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2

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