Nearly half of female HR directors think their workplaces are sexist

Sexism at work
Research from the Young Women’s Trust has found that almost half of female HR directors believe their workplace to be sexist.

A vast majority (63 per cent) of HR directors and decision-makers thought sexism was still rife in their workplaces, with that number increasing to 76 per cent among female employers.

This is compared to just a quarter of men in the same position.

According to the YouGov survey of 800 HR decision-makers, one in eight employers admit to knowing sexual harassment in their companies go unreported.

Out of 30 per cent of employers who admitted that sexism in their workplace still exists, 40 per cent were women and just 24 per cent were men.

“Too many young women are facing sexism and sexual harassment while trying to carry out their jobs. It is shocking how many employers are aware of this in their own workplace – yet the problem continues,” said Dr Carole Easton, the chief executive of Young Women’s Trust about the findings.

In 2016, research from the Trades Union Congress and the Everyday Sexism Project found 52 per cent of women had experienced unwanted behaviour at work including making sexual innuendo’s, groping and inappropriate conversation. Among young women aged 16-24 the proportion was 63 per cent.

The study comes after the Supreme Court ruling that promises to get rid of employment tribunal fees, because they were preventing workers from getting justice.

Now employees will once more be able to take on employers over workplace sexual harassment without worrying about large bills.

Dr Carole Easton said: “It’s important that women have access to justice when they face discrimination and harassment at work, no matter how much money they have.”

She added: “Employers should look too at what they can do to prevent problems occurring in the first place.

Supporting more women into a male-dominated workplace, for example, can help change the culture. Everyone should be able to feel safe at work.”

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