Discover nine ways to be more positive

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard

ways to think more positive

With all that is happening in the world today, it can be a challenge to feel positive. Every day we hear stories about terrorism, natural disasters, human tragedies, poverty and crime. In addition, many people are experiencing personal challenges such as limited finances, career dissatisfaction, poor health and relationship issues.

For many, it can feel like there is no bright side to life and they find themselves being consumed by negativity. As well as external social factors, many of the things you do each day can reduce your chances of feeling positive and optimistic.

Being more positive is a personal responsibility and requires you to make a conscious effort, daily.

Here are 9 ways to help you feel more positive, more often.

Take Care of Yourself

Ensure you get enough sleep, eat breakfast and fill up on positive energy, either through reading, listening or watching something positive and uplifting.

Wean Yourself off Caffeine

If you are getting enough sleep and eating well, it should not be necessary for you to function with the aid of caffeine. A caffeine addiction can often cause mood swings, and can often mean that feeling positive is dependent on whether or not you’ve had a coffee.

Be Grateful

Gratitude should really be first in the list as it is such an essential part of maintaining a positive view of life. When you take the time, even if it’s just a few minutes, to really appreciate all you have in your life, you’ll find that you really have so much to be positive about.

Avoid Making Assumptions

We all regularly make assumptions; whether it’s because we’re feeling insecure, strongly believe we are right or purely based on own prejudices and stereotypes. However, our assumptions are often incorrect, which can lead to conflict. So, rather than make assumptions, find out the facts.

A caffeine addiction can often cause mood swings, and can often mean that feeling positive is dependent on whether or not you’ve had a coffee.

Refrain from Using Absolutes

Using absolutes such as “ALWAYS” and “NEVER” can often make things situations seem much worse than they really are. Over time your brain begins to expect a negative outcome or inadequate service.

Don’t Follow Your Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking is based on your fears and once you have a negative thought, it can be easy to follow it and get sucked into a downward spiral. When you notice yourself having a negative thought, observe and acknowledge it, but don’t follow it.

Socialise with Positive People

Have lunch with the happy, upbeat people in the office, or arrange a weekly date with a positive friend who works nearby. Schedule a regular activity after work or at the weekend where you can spend time in the company of people who have a positive outlook on life.

Limit Your Media Time

Whether it’s watching TV, reading the newspaper or scrolling through your social media timelines, it is necessary to limit the time you spend absorbing the media. The media’s purpose is to shock and invoke fear, so generally speaking, the stories will arouse negative emotions.

Interrupt Over-Thinking

Over-thinking can be a slippery path that leads you into a fearful and irrational state of mind. You can find yourself focusing solely on a possible negative outcome, causing excessive and often unnecessary and unfounded stress. Interrupt your negative thoughts by forcing yourself to do something completely different, such as cooking or going for a walk.

What do you do to ensure you have a positive day?

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