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Make It Your Business is a not for profit venture to support and encourage women to start their own business.

It is free to join and takes the form of seminars featuring established female entrepreneurs, monthly newsletters and an online advice forum.
Make It Your Business was founded by serial entrepreneur Alison Cork. In March 2018, Alison was appointed Government Champion for Women Entrepreneurs.

What is the not-for-profit’s main objective?

Research tells us that women are far less likely than men to start their own business because they lack confidence, female role models and networking opportunities. However when they do, they are 13 per cent more likely to succeed than a man. Putting it another way, if as many women as men ran their own business, it would add 23 billion to the economy every year. Which is why MIYB exists and our goal is to encourage as many women as possible into entrepreneurship.

How can people get involved with Make It Your Business?

It couldn’t be easier. MIYB is completely free to join! Every member gets a free seminar ticket, monthly newsletter, access to our regular networking events and to our female entrepreneur mentors.

Tell us about your events?

We have a full calendar of events throughout the UK,  and several in London each year. They are quite intimate events, with maybe 30 -40 audience members and a panel of three established female entrepreneurs, who share their entrepreneurial journeys and take questions from the audience. These are powerful events, and those who come along say they are highly motivating but also practical and helpful.

Do you have any tips for women already running their own business?

I think one of the greatest challenges in running your own business can be the loneliness. Making decisions every hour of every day and being wholly responsible for the outcome can be hard going. My advice to any entrepreneur would be to surround yourself with a small but trusted group  (probably not in the same business) whom you can brainstorm with and just chat to. A sort of escape valve.

What advice would you give to any budding female entrepreneurs?

Be a student of markets. I think a common mistake people make is to think that because they are passionate about a subject, everyone else is too. Remember to do your research and ask your audience what they want, before committing time and money to offering the product or service. As I always say, people stroke pink sofas but buy beige ones. Know the difference.

What’s next for Make It Your Business?

MIYB is growing fast and has over 30 seminars planned around the UK in 2018. We have just launched an online chat forum with Mumsnet and are soon to launch a mentoring app. We would encourage any woman thinking of starting her own business to join and take advantage of the networking, support and free benefits.
Make It Your Business is part of the National Women’s Enterprise Network. It is not for profit and free to join.
Make It Your Business

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