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Mama Marbles is a production company and collective consisting of a group of boss mamas!

Made up of a collection of passionate, intelligent and free women, our aim is to hold space for fun, creativity and innovative thinking. We host pop ups that cover all manner of experiences and hope to one day have a permanent space where we can do work on these things year round.

How did Mama Marbles start?

Mama Marbles productions is marriage of Slap Ya Papa and Marbles and Ware. Marbles & Ware started in 2012 with their bidders bazaar, an immersive and performative art auction and marketplace. Slap Ya Papa was started by Lucie Massey at the same time, as a way to share her love of New Orleans culture through supper clubs and live music events. In 2015 she met Holly & Natasha of Marbles and Ware, who helped her to curate a live art auction dinner at her first big pop up at the Vaults.

What is the ethos behind Mama Marbles?

Holding space for independent creatives, having fun and promoting free & forward thinking. Inspiring imagination.

Can people get involved with Mama Marbles? If so, how?

Of course! Anyone and everyone is welcome, we have over 40 different collaborators working on this project and we are always happy to meet more like minded people – that’s the back-bone of what we do!

What is Mama Marble’s biggest achievement to date?

Our community, which is built on friendship and creativity. Everyone we work with we have personal connections with,and we feel that it is this family structure that gives our work soul.

What does Mama Marbles hope to achieve in the future?

We want to keep hosting and celebrating the things we think are the most important, in our own way. We are brimming with ideas and have so many amazing people that we are connected to – now is the time for an outlet!

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Mama Marbles is behind the spectacular Christmas event – Christmess – run entirely by ambitious, driven women.

Christmess is a unique festive feast, coupled with live music, immersive theatrical performance, and unlimited beer, wine and softs.

To find out more about Christmess, click here.

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