green-456839_1280Here we are another year.. do you feel heavier, bloated, toxic?

Every January we are bombarded with advice on how to cleanse our bodies and chase those toxins away. Spas, yoga studios, naturopaths will all propose detoxes. For a few days even weeks we will banish the food and drink we love and which we have overdosed on for the month of December. It starts with those Christmas parties, office dos, even your fave coffee place will tempt you with Christmas treats. It all adds up!

So we give up alcohol, caffeine, processed food, gluten, sugar, dairy and even meat. We will eat mainly fruit and veg, different grasses mostly eaten raw or juiced. Sounding familiar? Add to this the supplements to make up for the lack of certain vitamins and minerals as you have now banished most food groups from your daily diet. Don’t forget those herbs that act as laxatives. You will be told to exercise as sweating is all part of the detoxification process.

Science will tell you all this is of no use and I learnt this in my anatomy classes. The human body is a fantastic thing it even self cleanses and moisturises. (That’s another article!)

I will say that if done safely and gently its a good starting point for changing some bad habits and getting fit. Some of these more drastic detox methods can cause your intestines to become irritated, cause liver or renal damage.

So here is my advice which comes with 15 years of personal training and massage as well as helping people take responsibility for their health and well being.

No drastic detox, it will do you more harm than good, those headaches and feeling weak are a sign you need to eat healthy! Remember with extreme loss of weight you lose muscle and bone density which you lose naturally from your early 30’s so don’t speed up the process!

Try to find an exercise routine that works for you. Remember you have decided to make some life changes so ask yourself can I do this for the rest of my life? Don’t forget to feed your mind too!

I suggest Deepak Chopras Dosha quizz. Your Dosha is your body and mind type. Just like your metabolic rate or your somatype (mesomorph etc) except this has been around far longer and is part of Ayurvedic medicine. There are 2 quizzes one for how you feel now and one that is your general physical and mental state. I use it regularly so when I feel low on energy or lack of sleep I know what I can add or take out of my diet, including change my fitness routine to re balance my mind and body.

Go on give it a try, feeling balanced is what we strive for and everyone feels unbalanced due to life, be it too much of a good thing or too much of a bad thing! We live in a society that wants everything right away. Give this (new healthy me) time there are no short cuts in the long run, you pay for short cuts. Love yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself as success comes to those who keep at it!

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