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My name is Tricia Blake and I am the managing director of Diva Choice. I became inspired to start this company when I went through a very difficult period of bereavement in my life.

During this time I met a lot of women who felt tired, unattractive; some would even go as far as to say that they believed that they were ugly. I started to study my feeling towards myself and honestly felt that my soul needed recharging so I spent some time doing that. The best ways for me to do this was to meditate and take long baths. I found taking baths was the best way to unwind.

During this time I realised the importance of Self Love and Self-belief and I began to live by that mantra.

I decided to start a company that would provide the feel good factor for women and so Diva Choice was born!

Diva Choice provides quality affordable Luxury Lingerie and Bath Products. We aim to inspire and encourage Women to take the time to appreciate and reward themselves, we work hard in our jobs, being mothers and taking care of our homes, here at Diva Choice we believe that at least once a week women should do something simple like a take a bath to reconnect with the soul or indulge with a small treat such as a piece of exquisite Lingerie because we are special and deserve a choice.

Our product list includes,
  • Lingerie from sizes 8 to 20
  • A range of Basques
  • Handmade soaps containing Essential Oils and Shea Butter
  • Cupcake inspired Bath Brûlées
  • Shea Butter Bath Melts and Bath Blasters
  • Bath salts and lavender pillows
Our services are as follows
  • Bespoke gift boxes
  • Personal lingerie styling
  • Pamper parties in the comfort of your own home and much more
Why is Diva Choice unique?

Diva Choice is unique because we fuse the elements of Pampering, Luxury Products and socialising together. We have products available up to sizes 20 encouraging curvy queens to feel included. We also have a personal styling section, which is a service dedicated to women being able to have a Diva Choice staff member focus on their personal style and have items picked especially for them.

What does the future hold for Diva Choice?
  1. A pampering boutique
  2. Expanded Range (Dresses, Swimwear and more)
  3. A pampering boutique hotel (ultimate goal)
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