Do you know an amazing woman over 50 in the UK insurance industry? Nominate them for #50overFifty!


Do you know an amazing woman over 50 in the UK insurance industry? Nominations are now open for #50overFifty.

50 over Fifty is a celebration of the contribution of women over 50 in the UK insurance industry. Nominations are open to anyone currently employed in the UK insurance industry or a service provider to the industry, such as insurance law or insurance recruitment.
Inspired by #MotherWorks, #CorporateQueer and 56 Black Men, 50 over Fifty are going to photograph 50 women from across the UK and exhibit their images and stories across the UK, starting in London in June 2022. 

The celebration aims to address the intersectionality between gender and ageism and show that insurance is an industry that welcomes, supports and actively develops the careers of women over the age of 50.

Know someone you’d like to nominate? Click the button below and tell 50 over Fifty why your nominee is a pillar of our industry!

Nominations close on 04 March 2021.

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