Do You Want To Be Kissed Under The Mistletoe This Christmas?

christmas party mistletoeLadies, I know you are good at planning your career and your business life but are you as good at planning your social life?

Some of you may be saying you want to meet Mr Right and you are not getting out there, you are not doing anything to make sure it happens. And some of you have a very active social life, but it may not be targeted, you may not necessarily be meeting men who are suitable. How important is it for you to meet a guy – do you have a plan in place for meeting a man in time for Christmas?

Some of us say we want to meet someone and we don’t take any action to make it a reality, we assume it will just happen – at some point the handsome prince will ride up in his horse and carry us away and we will live happily ever after. I sometimes think we have been brainwashed by the fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty & Rapunzel or even adult fairy stories like romance novels and the movies that this is what will happen. And so we can sometimes feel we don’t have to make any effort. But for the handsome prince to notice you – he has to actually see you, he won’t be able to find you if you are at home watching TV.

You can also be going out, being proactive about meeting people and still not be meeting the right guys. And we are all busy people – it’s good to be a bit strategic – it’s important to stop and have a think about where you are most likely to meet the men you like, the ones you could be happy with in a relationship.

So if you want to be kissed under the mistletoe this Christmas and don’t currently have a plan in place – here are a few easy suggestions:

  1. Brainstorm with your girlfriends about where to meet men.
  2. Arrange drinks at the pub with friends, pool your address books and invite lots of men, to make sure have equal numbers of men and women, it’s good to over invite men as some won’t be able to make it. If more men show up then women, great!
  3. Host a dinner party where everyone has to bring a man you (the hostess) don’t know.
  4. Go with a friend to your local bar and watch sport i.e. rugby/ football. You can meet and chat to people before the game, at halftime and afterwards. Be strategic, make sure it’s a bar where the type of guy you want to meet is hanging out.

And very importantly when you are out there MAKE SURE YOU ARE SMILING AND SWITCHING ON THE SPARKLE, showing your fun, playful, relaxed side so he notices you See 3 Mistakes You May Be Making Which Repel Mr Right. When you switch on the sparkle and reveal your feminine side, you are incredibly attractive to men. Doing this along with the other tips in Blog 1 mean that when you meet men you find attractive they see you as a potential girlfriend rather than a potential friend.

ElizabethSullivanAuthor Bio:

I’m Elizabeth Sullivan and I’m the Love Mentor. My clients are single, busy, professional women who have been concentrating on their career and have suddenly woken up to realise Mr Right hasn’t arrived yet. They have reached a point where they realise something has to change. With Coaching, they make their love life a priority, and identify and change any patterns causing them to date the wrong people. It encourages them to feel confident in dating and attract the right men.

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