Dog Friendly Offices – the Trend Sweeping the UK

Dog friendly office

A study from the State University of New York found that when individuals participated in tasks that they deemed stressful, they experienced lower levels of tension when their pets were with them compared to when their close family members or spouses were present. 

Having a pet is also proven to lower blood pressure.

A third of UK businesses declare themselves as ‘pet friendly’.  So, is having a ‘dog friendly’ the secret to a dedicated and productive workforce?  Here, My Pet Needs That, give their top 5 reasons why every office should welcome the work forces pets.

Entice the Top Dogs

Start ups and global empires alike boast of investing in their workforce’s wellbeing.  Although offering a dog friendly workplace is a growing trend, it is still a fresh and innovative concept.  Not only does this attract employees that understand the wellbeing factors of having a canine in the office, dog owners recognise the act as a problem solver as they no longer need to plan for dog sitters etc.

A Shift in Atmosphere

Reducing stress in the workplace boosts the overall atmosphere and mood of the office.  Having a pet encourages break times away from your desk.  This drives productivity and improves mood.

Several benefits of being a dog owner stem from the psychological and emotional benefits.  Interacting with animals increases serotonin and dopamine in the brain.  These are ‘feel good’ chemicals and therefore provide a boost to a person’s mood.  Boosting the workforce’s mood also works to combat the office ‘clock watching’ office culture.  Not only does this mean that staff are more likely to complete tasks before they leave the office but manage their time more effectively.

Get Social

If a workplace is rather stagnant with little conversation, owning a dog can increase opportunities for colleagues to socialise.  This not only aids in building a rapport between team members but creates a positive office atmosphere.  This boosts creativity whilst enhancing a colleague’s skillset as they feel confident in voicing their ideas and opinions.

Watch Your Online Presence Soar

Showcasing your office dogs on your businesses social channels is a great way of increasing your social following.   Using your social channels to demonstrate your office culture is also attractive to potential future employees as well as prospective clients.

Bringing Home to the Office

Bringing a pet into the office blurs the lines between work and home life.  This can work to improve work life balance as employees tend to the needs of their pet in a distraction from work.

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