Doing Online Dating Well with Mandy and Christie Hartman on WiseGirlsTalk


Dr. Christie Hartman is an author, behavioral scientist, and dating expert who specializes in dating advice for the bright, brainy, and brilliant. A recovering academic, Christie has worked extensively with scientists, techies, engineers, writers, and other Intellectual Badasses (IBs). As a self-proclaimed nerd, Christie understands the IB’s unique strengths and weaknesses, and knows the dating challenges they face.

The author of four successful dating books, Christie’s most recent book isHow To Find Mr. Right Online, a must-have guide for every woman navigating the jungles of online dating. She is also the author of Changing Your Game: A Man’s Guide to Success with Women. Standing out among a sea of pickup guides and seduction tomes, Changing Your Game offers intelligent and straightforward advice to men and shows them what it takes to succeed with women while still being themselves.

Christie’s other books include Dating the Divorced Man: Sort through the Baggage to Decide if He’s Right for You and It’s Not Him, It’s YOU: The Truth You May Not Want – But Need – To Hear. Both books feature Christie’s accessible, real, and inspired take on dating in the 21st Century.

Christie has appeared on national television, including the Today Show and Fox News Live, and has had several appearances on local TV shows such as News2 Denver, the Everyday show, and Daybreak. She’s been a frequent guest expert on the radio, published articles for The Good Men Project,Denver Magazine, and Cupid’s Pulse, and has been quoted in articles for,, the Chicago TribuneCosmopolitanMen’s Health,Women’s Health, Marie Claire, and Shape.

A graduate of the University of Colorado, Christie earned her MA in Clinical Psychology, her PhD in Behavioral Genetics, and worked as a scientist at CU for 11 years. A Denver resident, Christie lives with her “streak of geek” husband, enjoys hiking and camping, and has a particular fondness for science fiction, poker, and natural health.

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