Don’t Be A Fool At Interviews – Top Pitfalls & How To Avoid Them

There’s nothing amusing about a bad interview.
Don't Be A Fool At Interviews - Job Interview
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It can knock your confidence, cost you your dream job, and put you off applying for similar jobs in future. That’s why it’s important to give it your best when you go in for an interview, and avoid common mistakes that candidates can make. Here are some of the top pitfalls when you go into that interview room.

Being unprepared

Interviewers can spot an unprepared candidate a mile away. Most interviews will start with questions about what you know about the company and the role. If you’ve not done your research, this is where you’ll stall, and this can make you appear less than confident. Read up on the company and their latest news, and read the job description thoroughly before you go.

Cracking jokes

While you want to come across as approachable and friendly, cracking embarrassing jokes when you’re nervous will make you seem like you’d be an awful co-worker. There are many things you shouldn’t say in an interview, and it’s better to be hesitant than to open your mouth and say something inappropriate.

Being out of your depth

It’s good to challenge yourself and to work your way up the career ladder, but some people apply for jobs that are way out of their grasp and they tend to flounder in interviews. Get career advice from Goldmills and other specialist recruitment agencies rather than applying randomly for jobs. This will ensure you only get sent to interviews that are for jobs within your grasp.

Being late

Sometimes, being late is absolutely unavoidable, but you must do all you can to get to your interview on time. This could include:

• Printing off a map or using a GPS in your car
• Having the number of a taxi firm on hand
• Getting an earlier bus or train
• Setting off early to avoid traffic

If you come across something unavoidable, such as trains being cancelled due to bad weather, then a phone call to your recruitment consultant or the interviewer is essential. You can either reschedule, or at least explain why you’re going to be late.

Dressing inappropriately

The right clothing helps set the right impression, and it should be appropriate for the work environment. One of the most useful interview tips out there is to dress smartly, but if you’re going for a creative job or something working with children, then a black suit might not be the right look. Think about the dress code and how you’ll dress daily if you get the job.

Everyone gets nervous before a job interview, especially if it’d be a big promotion, but there’s no need to turn up feeling stressed. Simply be prepared for anything, and go in with an open mind, answering each question with care. This will help you come across as professional and calm, and impress any potential employer.

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  1. Good Post! Whatever you do at the time of an interview is considered as a “sample” of your work. Everything you do is being judged because they don’t know you. So, avoid making silly mistakes and prepare yourself well.

  2. George Tuff

    I really like your post. Awesome stuff. Keep sharing like this. Thanks….