Don’t wreck your fitness when you’re out partying

shoes-480217_1280What do you need to do to exercise damage limitations for fitness when drinking and partying?

You know with Christmas coming you will be going out and partying more than normal, and often harder than normal. So you have no excuse not to put things in place in advance to protect your hard earned body and no put to waste the great work you’ve done the rest of the year.

I’m going to lay out my best strategies just for you. This will allow you to get away with some indulgence with minimal harm to your physique and fitness.

Don’t wreck your fitness when you’re out partying
  • Watch what you eat – Do eat plenty of protein and veggies before you go out, to protect your lean body mass and ensure your health. Don’t eat lots of calories, if you’re going to be drinking a lot of calories later on, keep your overall energy balance in check by sticking to white meat/fish and veg/salad earlier in the day to ensure you don’t gain weight.
  • Make the best drink choices – Clear spirits with no or clear mixers are least calorie dense and have the least crap in them. Wine and dark spirits are the next best options. As you get in to soft drink mixers, beer, cider and cocktails it deteriorates quickly. That’s not to say never drink a cocktail or a beer, but recognise that it is more calorie dense and you should go easy on them.
  • Make the best food choices – If you’re going for dinner, obviously go ahead. If you are just having drinks, eat before you go out and don’t eat the bar snacks and nibbles. If you know you want to eat at the end of your night, have something ready prepared at home so you are not tempted by a takeaway kebab/pizza/burger on the way.
  • Supplement fibre – Taking a fibre supplement before going out will help you eliminate alcohol and let a lot of it ‘pass through’. Sounds grim, but good for you!
  • Workout – A great way to clear your system of alcohol afterwards, feel better and get it out your system by aiding detoxification.
  • Look after your liver – Take Milk thistle supplements and drink vegetable juices before and after drinking to get the liver prepared for the toxic onslaught and ensure it is ready to detoxify whatever you throw at it.
  • Catch up on sleep ASAP – Even if you get to bed at a reasonable time, if you’ve drank a fair amount, you get crappy quality sleep and wake up still exhausted. When possible, nap the next day to catch up or if it’s not possible, get an early night the following day to get back in to a routine. Whacky sleep patterns mess with your hormones and are a nightmare for weight management (no pun intended).

Phil Hawksworth HeadshotThese are some strategies you can implement to exercise damage limitations for fitness when drinking and partying over the Christmas period.

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