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DR SUSAN LAVERICK Career DevelopmentWhat really is holding you back?

This simple coaching question is often the catalyst leading to more fulfilling careers that accommodate cherished personal objectives.

Who am I?

I am an ICF-qualified Executive Coach and Career Development Consultant, working with clients in Geneva and London. My coaching qualifications are complemented by a doctorate in English and a professional background in training (Citibank, London), TV Locations (BBC) and teaching (UN, NGOs, financial sector, Geneva).

In addition to coaching lawyers, academics, women returning to work, and c-suite executives , I am a volunteer for The Coach Initiative in New York. It is an immense privilege to coach women operating in conflict zones in the humanitarian field.

What is my coaching passion?

I am dedicated to the professional development of women, particularly those facing career transitions and personal turning points. Watching a client’s journey towards empowerment is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.

Whether it is a vexing career transition or a challenging career renaissance, I work with my clients to clarify objectives, crystalise strategic vision and optimize professional profiles. But, above all, I encourage an honest interrogation of professional development that acknowledges cherished personal objectives and well-being.

What does career development coaching involve?

Purpose, passion and utter commitment come from me, while you need to be genuinely committed to the coaching process. This is how our partnership will thrive.

You may choose from a cycle of six sessions over several months, or perhaps a series of situational-based executive coaching conversations.

Modules include:-

  • personal presence and impact skills
  • interpersonal effectiveness
  • career development
  • conflict resolution
  • situational-based coaching conversations
  • career-life blend workshops
  • productivity skills
  • writing effectively

A selection of bespoke coaching workshops are currently available to corporations, museums and academic institutions where I am delighted to support the creation of more collaborative and inclusive cultures.

So, do send me an email. I would be delighted to hear from you and arrange a free, no-obligation, face-to-face/Skype consultation.

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