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Pressure to look the part and zero time to spend searching for that perfect corporate outfit?  Weekend simply too precious to spend it rushing up and down the high street, only to find the one business suit you actually like in the shops, doesn’t fit?

Yes, we’ve all been there…and we usually add to the stress by making the work wear shopping dash with a conference, job interview or some other equally important event looming on the horizon…

Well now there is a solution.

Pinstripe & Pearls (www.pinstripeandpearls.com) really gets this frustration felt by many, extremely busy, corporate women AND is doing something about it!  Pinstripe & Pearls is a unique online destination where women in business can finally shop the whole corporate look in one place.  You will find a stunning collection of women’s workwear, business handbags, office shoes and accessories.

Recognising customers have very little time to search for that perfect working wardrobe and corporate lifestyle accessories, Pinstripe & Pearls finds those unique UK business wear brands for you and helps you shop your busy lifestyle needs through a convenient single checkout.

As a specialist store, dedicated to the needs of women in business, you know that the business dresses, blouses, suits and accessories have been carefully pre-selected for their structured, tailored look and appropriateness for the work place.  No more sifting through the fashion rails trying to find something conservative enough for the boardoom but fashionable and feminine enough to demonstrate that you are actually a woman in business.

And it’s stable of brands are growing, fast.  Pinstripe & Pearls founder, Emma Blake worked in finance for over 10 years in FTSE100 companies and as a Director in one of the City’s Big 4 firms. She noticed how equally frustrated women in her team and her clients where on this subject and knew she had to do something about it.  “The way we look at it is simple – if you look great, you feel great, and that’s got to lead to a better, more confident performance in the workplace.” says Emma.  “With the help of Pinstripe & Pearls when you feel under pressure on the inside, at least you can have confidence that you still look the part on the outside!”.

With free returns and delivery options including Saturday’s and even delivery straight to your office, hotel or conference venue, the Pinstripe & Pearls team definitely understands that you just don’t have the time to wait in to receive your shopping and are finding innovative ways to get your workwear to you. “We helped a lovely business woman who lost her luggage at Heathrow and was speaking at an event at one of the hotels nearby.  It was such a disaster for her but we managed to save the day and get a gorgeous business dress and matching accessories out to her via courier bike.  She really did look the part for her event and in the end it was a real success” recalls Amy in Customer Care.

Pinstripe & Pearls collection of formal work wear from a growing range of designers and boutiques, means you can shop the whole business look with confidence, or simply select a great item which fits in well with your existing business wardrobe.

Browse the collection now at www.pinstripeandpearls.com.

Image: Paloma Luxury Business Dress by Matilda & Quinn £269, now available at Pinstripe & Pearls


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