Dressing like your boss could lead to promotion? | New Survey reveals

people-in-the-officeA recent survey suggests that a 3rd of workers admit to dressing like their bosses and colleagues because managers more likely to reward employees who imitate their look. Is this not really subconscious and not pre-meditated?

Corporate uniform to improve productivity?

More than half of employees said they were influenced by what their managers and colleagues wore to work, while over 60% said dressing like their colleagues created a better and more productive work atmosphere.

Flattery gets you everywhere! (almost)

And managers are certainly flattered of workers copying their clothing and style choices, with a staggering 68% admitting staff with a similar look to them were on the radar and they were more aware of their presence and work.

Dress Mimicking

The survey by Debenhams asked 2,000 people about their attitude to dressing in the workplace, and found 32% found themselves accidentally dressing like their colleagues on average two to three days per week – a subconscious action that is a reaction to spending so much time together. So is it advantageous to stand out from the crowd and dress differently or even smarter than your colleagues? There is no harm in being different and it may not take too long before others start mimicking your own style as the survey indicates. However trying to throw people off the scent and wearing a bright orange blouse with green trousers may be a stretch too far.

 “Humans tend to be drawn to people who are like them, since difference can be perceived as threatening. People feel safer when they dress alike. said Dr Karen Pine, a psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire,

“They are signalling their need to belong to the group. A team that chooses the same style of dress for work is indicating their cohesiveness. This may reflect a wider collaborative culture within the organisation or a high need for conformity.”

So if you are a hiring manager, please refrain from testing the theories out by wearing socks and sandals into the office, although if it works and your team do start doing the same, please get in contact with some photos!

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