Dry Spells and Fountains….

HiResHiatus and breaks, call it what we may, I’m just not feeling the dating scene right now! :(

I’m not morphing into a Debbie Downer or the sort, but right about now, the options that are coming my way, are not really cutting it. As human as I possibly am, I’m  getting a bit tired of the dry, lame conversations that seems to point to the same old thing; and as engaging as I am (or try to be) I’m finding the whole process a bit mechanic nowadays.

Girl meets boy, girl does the sums (and it’s not the $); you know will he fit into my schedule or not, would I have to tune up the rough edges a bit, how long would it take? dah dee dah dee dah! By the time I get to the end of putting the sums together (in my head of course), the interest of pursuing the conversation any further dwindles right down to zero.

So what could possibly be going wrong here? I wonder if I’m being too calculating on potential outcomes, applying possibilities and probabilities OR  is it possible that guys are simply becoming very predictable and too vague nowadays? Maybe I need to stir up the pool of choices and relocate to another country perhaps? After all, it’s not as if the Trevi Fountain is going to move from Rome to where I am? I need to move towards my own ‘Trevi Fountain’, my oasis of possibilities but then where could my Trevi Fountain possibly be? hmmm….

Whilst I remain put however, I’m wondering if something genuine with a bit of rah rah would come my way soon? You know, nothing over the top, just a down to earth guy, living with purpose, with an interesting outlook on life.  I double guarantee you though, things will start to look a bit more interesting the moment I start packing up the trunks and luggages in search on my fountain.

In the meantime, I am a tardy bit amiss on how to handle this dry spell right now..

– Mandy


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