Effective Storytelling is a powerful way to engage with your audience. Big brands have been doing this for some time, and it is something we are all able to do.

In this week’s Superstar Communicator Podcast the fabulous Mel Noakes shares her story, and how this inspired her to help other women with her work at Naked Coaching. Listen to the podcast here.

From the age of 12, Mel suffered from health issues, and despite having a very high profile, successful – and full on career in her 20s, she still suffered from the health challenges. On a trip walking the Inca Trail in Peru, Mel had a ‘Damascus’ moment when she realised she could support and help other women.

Mel then took NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching courses, so she could support clients – one to one and in groups, to feel more confident about themselves. She wants others to have confidence, feel happy and fulfil their potential. Listen to the podcast here.

I asked Mel what her three top tips were to building their confidence. Here are her tips:

  1. She suggests we all give feedback in an honest, positive way.
  2. If we are given a compliment, to accept it with grace, rather than belittling the compliment. How many times have we been complimented on our dress only for us to reply “oh it’s an old one!” Enjoy being complimented.
  3. Be clear about what we are good at and celebrate these talents, rather focusing on what we CAN’T do. We should be proud of our strengths.

Mel has developed a course, which is starting at the end of February called “Love the Skin you are in”. She is aware that many women (and men) have body image issues, and this course supports individuals to be more positive about themselves. For more information click here.

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Mel has very generously offered a free download “The Seven healthy habits of highly effective women”. Sign up here.

So, by listening to the wonderful podcast, you can hear how Mel has used her storytelling to effectively engage with you the listener. Why not try yourself! If you wish to hear all of the podcasts and be notified when the next podcast episode is broadcast, register here.

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