Eight CV proofreading tips that will help you catch every mistake

It’s true that you should proofread everything you write, and that includes your CV.

Eight CV proofreading tips that will help you catch every mistakeRecruiters have to be picky when they get so many applications, so CVs with errors will be rejected right away. Give yourself a fighting chance by proofreading your CV carefully. Here’s eight tips that will help you get the job done.

  1. Don’t rely on spell check

The spell check function on your word processor is a great tool, but don’t rely too heavily on it. It’ll pick up a lot when you activate it, but it can’t pick up everything. For example, if you use words that are out of context but are technically spelled correctly, it won’t notice. instead, use the spell check for a first pass, and then proofread manually.

  1. Don’t proofread right away

If you can, build enough time into the writing process so you can leave at least 24 hours between writing and proofreading. Giving yourself that time means you can get some distance from your own writing. When you come back to it, you’ll soon see the issues that you would have missed first time around.

  1. Print it out

Instead of proofreading directly from the screen, print the CV out and grab your red pen. You’re giving yourself a different medium to work from, and like the tip about giving yourself time, it gives you some more distance from the writing itself. Again, this way you’ll find it easier to spot mistakes.

  1. Narrow your focus

When you proofread, don’t try and look for every mistake at once. It can be tiring, and you’ll be sure to miss a few. Instead, take a few passes, and look for a different type of error every time. For example. go through once looking for spelling mistakes, and another time looking for grammatical errors, and so on.

  1. Use proofreading software

There’s no reason why you should go this alone. Use these helpful tools to help you get the proofreading done:

  • Resumention: This site is staffed by expert resume writers, so they can help you polish up your CV until it’s perfect.
  • Easy Word Count: This tool will give you an accurate word count of your CV. It’ll also highlight any errors made in the text.
  • Boom Essays: The writers at this service will work with you to put a CV together, and make it perfect.
  • Proofread Bot: You can paste your CV into this tool, and it’ll give you a detailed breakdown of what edits need to be made.
  1. Give your CV to someone else to read

Resume editor Tina Greene at Academized said, “It’s hard to see the mistakes in your own work. You wrote the CV, so you miss mistakes as you know what you meant to write. If this happens to you, the best thing to do is hand your CV to a trusted friend. They can read it, and find the errors that you missed.”

  1. Read it out loud

When you read your CV out loud, you’re putting yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. You’ll see how well the CV flows, and how easy it is to read and understand.

  1. Check your facts

Finally, check that you have all your facts right. Are your employment dates correct? Are your contact details up to date? You don’t want to miss out on an interview because you mistyped your phone number.

Use these tips and proofread your CV carefully. By doing so, you’re giving yourself the best chance of bagging the all important interview.

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