Eight Ways to Fall in Love with Your Life Again and Again

Woman riding bicycle with her legs in the air Life ought to be a fantastic adventure. However, it’s all too easy to get so busy ‘getting by’ that you forget just how wonderful the world can be. So, from time to time, it makes absolute sense to find ways to reconnect with yourself and fall in love with your life again. Here are eight ideas to help you make this happen.

1. Create your gratitude list.

Writing down all the good things you have going for is a great reminder that your life really isn’t bad after all. And as it’s often the little things that make for the best experiences, remember this too, so you have them handy if events temporarily make you forget the abundance that’s already in your life.

2. Be proud of yourself.

Identify previous moments of achievement and high points in your life. Revisiting those memorable events from your past will make you feel good about yourself, and remind you who you are and what you can do. Feel proud of what you’ve achieved and keep in mind that if you’ve already achieved all this… there is more just waiting for you around the corner.

3. Make ‘letting’ go an exciting practice.

Let go of the accumulated ‘baggage’ – emotional and psychological – that’s weighing you down, as this can make you feel less enthusiastic about life. Release yourself from it and you will feel ‘lighter’ and better able to move on in all areas of your life. For instance, unfulfilling relationships take a fair amount of energy, so deciding finally to put them behind you will bring renewed vitality and put a spring in your step.

4. Do something ‘extraordinary’.

Set yourself an outrageous target or challenge. You can end up so trapped in the everyday that life becomes mundane and uninspiring, so deciding to do something extraordinary will really shake things up. The excitement of pursuing your big dream will keep you motivated, inspired and alive because every step you take towards achieving your goal will bring out the best in you.

5. Learn a new skill or hobby.

Embark on something different. That’s not the same as a ‘challenge’, just something that will lift you out of your daily routine and give you a new focus. There’s always a thrill to starting anything new, so give yourself a fresh source of interest, activity or excitement.

6. Reconnect with your lost passions.

Begin doing something you enjoyed in the past but stopped doing because life got in the way – perhaps you were raising a family, or moving around for work. But that was the past, and there’s probably no reason why you can’t start doing it again and get the same, or even greater enjoyment from it now. It will be like meeting up with an old friend!

7. Create healthy boundaries in your life.

Don’t allow ‘energy vampires’ into your life as their demands will impact what you do. So be selective about the time and attention you give to others because your life is precious, and you deserve every bit of joy you can get. Be inspired by positive people who add value to your life, rather than take from it.

8. Make everything you do an act of love.5007390844

Do something to help others, not for personal reward but because you care about their happiness and wellbeing. Kindness brings its own gift of making you feel good about yourself too. So consider volunteering for a good cause you believe in. Make a difference in any way you can, from wherever you are and with whatever talents you have. And always be grateful just for being alive and who you are.

Happiness is a choice. Make it your decision and enjoy what comes along!

Author Bio

Maite Barón is a multi-award winning author passionate about courageous leadership, happiness and wellbeing. She is a co-founder of The Corporate Escape, which specialises in helping professionals rekindle their passion for life and reinvent themselves as business owners. She’s an international speaker and a regular contributor to the influential Huffington Post, Global Banking and Finance Review (GBFR) and Entrepreneur.

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