Eight ways web-based meetings can level up your recruitment game

For companies, hiring and training employees can be a considerable expense. Those expenses can climb even higher when it’s a bad hire.
Eight ways web-based meetings can level up your recruitment game
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A candidate that’s earning about a $100,000 a year could cost your company about $250,000 on average, Dice Insights says.

Here’s how video conferencing can help you save on those costs as well as streamline your hiring process through online meetings:

Bigger talent pool

It takes time to find and hire the right candidate, especially if you’re looking for someone with specific skills. If the supply of local talent doesn’t meet your company demands, some teams opt to simply settle for candidates that are less than qualified. That’s one likely reason for a bad hire. Compromising on your hiring goals could lead to substandard workforce quality, which could drive your team and company’s productivity down the drain.

With video solutions that allow for online meetings, HR teams can now expand their search to many parts of the globe. By expanding your talent pool, you’ll have a better chance of finding and recruiting talents that meet your hiring standards.

Longer list

One reason qualified talents opt out of an interview is the distance and time it might take to get to the interview spot. If they live a few hours away or have work and can’t take more than an hour off, or need to look after their kids, that’s going to cut into your list of potential candidates. Online meetings do away with those problems, though, making it easy for qualified candidates to make it to those interviews.

Shorter interviews

In the past, recruiters only had resumes, emails and calls to rely on when they looked through a list of potential candidates. Now, video meetings can help them filter that list a whole lot faster. Video’s face-to-face solution means both meet with ease online. This allows recruiters to gain better understanding and insight into the candidates on their lists.

Context cues

Expressions, gestures and body language can reveal a lot of what the other person is really saying. That’s an advantage for recruiters. Video helps them get a more accurate reading on the candidate, of whether s/he will be a good match for the company in terms of skills, experience, attitude and culture fit, among other things. Instead of relying solely on emails and credentials on a resume, preliminary interviews can now include video meets to help shorten hiring interviews.

Faster decisions

A vacant position can compromise your team’s productivity. It means you aren’t working at full-capacity and that you aren’t optimizing your resources. The longer those vacant positions stay empty, the more it hurts your company. By using video meetings, companies can look forward to shorter processing times. Using tools like the BlueJeans web based meetings software means teams can now make speedy hiring decisions. Recruitment doesn’t have to take as much time.

Less travel Ttme and costs

One of the most common reasons why companies around the globe are integrating online meetings into their daily schedules is because of the massive cost savings it can bring. Because online meetings are now possible, clients and recruiters can both save up on time and costs. They can basically do the interviews anywhere so even hiring teams don’t have to report to the office just to get to work. Video makes it easy for them to get and stay in touch with their teams so they can conduct those interviews from anywhere, at any time.

For talents, on the other hand, they won’t have to spend time and trouble commuting to the company’s HQ—spending hours getting to and from the place—for a 30-minute interview. With video meetings, talents and recruiters alike can schedule more interviews for the day.

Accessible training

Once hired, companies must provide employees with proper training. If your company typically sends over training managers from the HQ to go from one branch to another, that’s going to mean a lot of travel costs. All that traveling can take a toll on the physical and mental health of the company’s managers too.

Luckily, trainers can now use online meetings to train employees from geographically dispersed sites. This means trainers can now train those batches in a day instead of having to spend hours on the road or in-flight, going to and from different offices. That results in shorter training times and less training costs. It also means less stress and upheaval for your training managers so you get more out of them.

Solid engagement

Video meetings make it easy for companies to improve collaboration between onsite and offsite teams. Whether your employees are in another state or right across the pond, these web-based solutions can help employees build a stronger sense of teamwork. With tools that encourage collaborative solutions, says BetaNews, companies can improve loyalty and engagement, keeping employee turnovers at bay—and saving your recruitment team more work and costs along the way.

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