Eighty-Six days until New Year’s Eve and still no Man…

But who’s counting eh?

I am still recovering from the rather daunting conversation and screams of Where is Your Man, Woman?!! from my well-meaning friend – yes the very same one who gladly proclaimed with no inhibitions whatsoever that I am a closed up so and so! (see The Single Lady and Her Vibes).

As confrontational as the situation was, it is suddenly dawning on me that I have eighty – six days to sort this situation out!  It is eighty-six days until New Year’s Eve and this time, I intend to spend it in a very special way!

So let’s see what could happen in the next eighty-six days:

81 days to New Year’s Eve:

A well-meaning work colleague follows through his promise and introduces  his single friend who apparently ticks all  the boxes (according to the description so far)

76 days to New Year’s Eve

The single guy turns out to be a real chum and gets in touch but as I am away on business that week, we arrange a date the week after

66 days to New Year’s Eve

Singe guy appears to be very nice, date goes well, we have common interests, it’s all ‘love at first sight’ phew!  Is there anything as Love at First Sight these days? – Charlotte Bronte, sister girl, help me out :)

61 days to New Year’s Eve

Second date happens. This is a  low-key and relaxing date, mingled with laughter. There is a strong connection between us and I apply most of the techniques that we’ve talked about on this blog. Most importantly I check (and keep on checking) that I appear open, free and sensible!

50 days to New Year’s Eve

Most likely to be on the second date moving onto the third date by now. I have to pace myself without having any intention of playing games!! I hope to like him, he hopes to like me, but to the best of our interests, as our mom’s used to say at the dinner table,  ’eat your meal slowly’  – in other words, I will be taking my time to enjoy the process.

40 days to New Year’s Eve

By now a friendship is ensuing and we’re both comfortable about remaining in touch in between dates!. I’m learning and enjoying the ride but most importantly I keep reminding myself that I am developing and establishing a  personal relationship with hopeful the guy I would like for the long-term,  not working on a project! By now we’ve probably been on a few more dates and of course had a few naughty snogs! Common it’s been 46 days already, that’s a month and a half!

30 days to New Year’s Eve

So this would be New Years’ Eve month, the month of December. I hope that we’re close friends at this stage. Close enough to know that we want to take things to the next level,  and close enough to want to say the magic three-letter word – ‘I love u’! The single guy  is now turning to Mr Boyfriend. He, as smart as he is, is planning a nice City break for after the holidays. It’s nice, everything feels nice! I on the other hand, make plans for the great getaway!

New Year’s Eve

Magic happens!

Well  wishes are not horses, so I’m leaning on the positive energy and experience to make this all come true! :)

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