How elocution/voice coaching can help business

First impressionWe have all experienced those difficult telephone conversations with someone whose accent, mode of speech and delivery make it virtually impossible to understand. Wasting valuable business time in repeating and trying to understand them.

How simpler it would be if business and individuals were to invest some time and money into one to one coaching in elocution and voice production.  All individuals develop their own mode of speaking, honed over the years often resulting in vocal problems which do not present themselves until they are asked to speak in public

That is when trouble often begins! In the form of croaky voice, sore throat, rushed words, gabbling or even the other extreme slowing down to practical silence. Nerves of course all play a part in this and many employees’ rate speaking in meetings either large or small to be absolutely terrifying.

The City Voice Studio offers one to one coaching, tailor made to the individual’s requirements to iron out these problems.

Answering a telephone and greeting clients at reception is the, first impression of a business, clearly and with the correct articulation of words gives evidence of a successful business with professional staff.

Academics speaking at international conferences often internationally will have spent hours, days and weeks preparing their paper but often no work at all has gone into the delivery of the voice production.

In the financial, legal and international business world of the corporate conglomerates, travel to business meetings, webinars, conference calls and board meetings are all part of the days work.

The City voice studio works with a client on their vocal delivery, helping them to produce the sound in a far simpler way, away from the throat, with resonance thus being able to be heard at the back of the hall, over the meeting room, into the video conference machines or whatever situation arises.

Work is covered on pronunciation and articulation and accent reduction issues are covered. Many clients attend from overseas and English is not their first language. Skype is used now as a means of online coaching and is invaluable for those too busy or living too far away for one to one lessons.

The studio does a one off consolidated voice coaching session where all aspects of voice production, elocution and public speaking are covered all tailored to the individuals personal requirements, This is often a popular option.

Sending a representative for any form of business or profession who speaks clearly and with confidence can make the difference between that all important contract being signed!

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