Embracing the Age of Ambiguity | Aviva

Embracing the Age of Ambiguity | Aviva

As the UK faces ongoing periods of Covid-19 lockdowns and tiered restrictions, Aviva’s ‘Embracing the Age of Ambiguity’ report explores the impact that a growing sense of ambiguity is having on key areas of working life, from wellbeing and work-life balance to employee-employer relationships.

Conducted in collaboration with business wellbeing specialists, Robertson Cooper, the research reveals that personality plays a key role in determining our preferences, behaviours and outcomes – at home and work – and predicts a third of our wellbeing levels and a quarter of our life satisfaction scores.

Against a backdrop of widespread ambiguity in our lives currently, those who are coping better across mental wellbeing, lifestyle, health and work satisfaction tend be more naturally emotionally resilient, conscientious, and optimistic. Those with lower emotional resilience are the most vulnerable and need the most support during this time.

Personality differences, along with age demographics and personal situations in the workplace, create a strong argument against a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to supporting, managing and motivating employees in the ‘Age of Ambiguity’.


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