Emotional Detox – Take the time to Relax and Revive

dandelion-seeds-blowing-1390302014-thumbWhat I want to offer here is a framework for understanding and supporting yourself in times of stress, for instance-
  • you have taken on more responsibility or are under pressure to perform
  • you are reeling from shock setback or disappointment in your personal or professional life
  • you have worked hard, given a lot and feel undervalued

All of us are programmed by powerful instinctive drives for control, security or approval. These drives intensify if we sense threat because we want to protect ourselves, our career or our family. We naturally resist threat with varied expressions of anger, frustration, resentment and fear. Few suspect these emotions trigger a stress response, a hormonal release of adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol which depending on our makeup can cause us to become defensive, aggressive or shut down in denial. This hormonal cocktail can also cause panic, fatigue or to feel like retreating under the duvet. By now most of us have learned these behaviours can shut us off from love and support from within and can alienate us from colleagues and loved ones. To find the most constructive way forward, we can to learn to step back to diffuse emotions. Otherwise discontent registers in brain signals that inhibit our intuition, creativity our ability to think and solve problems. We can emotionally step back by focusing all our attention on the area of emotional discomfort in the body until we notice a shift in perception. Undivided attention on the emotional discomfort has the magical effect of loosening its grip on us. We feel more detached, freer and calmer and can think more clearly. Remember as you do this to steer away from any critical self judgment so that you don’t trigger more internal stress. Emotionally stepping back works best in conjunction with proper relaxation which further soothes, comforts and helps quieten an emotionally agitated mind.

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It takes just 20 minutes for the nervous system to relax. With daily relaxation using this MP3 recording you can reduce emotional build-up and support your body to regenerate at a cellular level. If you can’t find 20 minutes in the day, its works just as well if you listen to it when you get into bed to help you switch off, unwind and fall asleep. It is also useful to revive you when you need to take a power break if you are working to deadline, working through the night or have jet lag.

The recording is not a cure all. Many of us carry around unresolved issues and suppressed emotion from our upbringing, past traumas and losses. The suppressed emotional energy gets triggered particularly when we are feeling stressed. It surfaces as some sort of meltdown or relationship drama. At www.emotional-detox.com you can find out about Emotional Detox and Stress Detox – globally accessible services designed to help you handle your past and current challenges by mastering your energy and personal power.


Author Bio:

Louise Smart’s 19 years professional experience includes working at the Stress Management Unit at London Bridge Hospital, seeing medical referrals for stress counselling. She created and presented stress management training programs for Central Law Training Ltd and for city law firms and runs bespoke programs for senior executives. She has lectured and consulted in Emotional Detox at reputable spas internationally. She also continues to work with private clients in the UK and abroad.

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