Employees secretly dread their work Christmas party

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Employees secretly dread their work Christmas party and women are more likely to lie to get out of it, according to a new study.

The research, commissioned by indoor go-karting company, TeamSport, found that one in six employees couldn’t think of anything worse than the annual Christmas party.

The study also showed that 19 per cent of people were so fearful of the event that they have lied to try and avoid them. Women are more likely to lie, with 20 per cent confessing to telling a white lie compared to 16 per cent of men.

Employees are put off by the Christmas party due to occurrences such as staff being overly flirtatious banter, drunken bosses and bad dancing.

The survey revealed that 11 per cent of people had confessed to kissing someone and as many as one in ten adults in some cities admitted to getting into an argument at their work Christmas party.

Fiona Tayler, Corporate Events Manager at TeamSport Indoor Karting said, “Many workplaces will host a Christmas party centred around alcohol and food for their employees, but this new research indicates that people do not actually enjoy these festive celebrations as much as they should.”

“A Christmas party is a time to celebrate and socialise with work colleagues, so perhaps employers need to find alternatives to the traditional celebrations and break away from the norm.”

“By offering new ways of socialising through fun activities and adding a competitive element, employees can engage in new experiences together, encouraging the development of new relationships and help team building.”

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