Third of employees regularly miss social events due to work, study reveals

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New research has revealed that over one third of UK employees miss out on at least 26 social events every year.

CABA has revealed that British employees miss out on roughly 26 weddings, birthdays, date nights and gym classes every year due to work.

The data highlights concerns that a ‘work-life’ balance is near impossible due to work pressures and expectations.

They surveyed 2,000 UK adults in a minimum of part time work for the research, and found that 34 per cent of employees don’t like their job.

9 per cent of respondents attributed their dislike of work to not being paid enough.

In addition, over a third of employees regularly consider handing in their notice at work due to their health or wellbeing.

The research also flagged that stress in the workplace was a concern for employees, with 20 per cent taking time off because they felt too pressured.

68 per cent of employees also admitted to checking their work emails when on leave and off sick.

Kelly Feehan, Services Director for CABA commented on the findings: There’s an increased demand on today’s ‘always on’ workplace culture; it’s no longer just a place where employees turn up, do a job and go home.

This expectation needs eradicating if we’re to have happy and productive employees, with great holistic health and wellbeing.

In CABA’s research surrounding workplace habits, a quarter of employees admitted it takes longer for them to complete tasks due to the inability to concentrate.

Finally, the research also revealed that 18 per cent of Brits cry at least once every fortnight because of their job.

Kelly Feehan concluded: While workplace stress may originate on the job, it eventually extends to every aspect of an employee’s life, affecting everything from their personal relations to their finances and health.

Our lives no longer have a clear separation between work and home, which is why businesses need to assess the wellbeing and mental health structures they have in place to continue attracting and attaining the best talent.

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