Enter now to win lunch for your entire office with JUST EAT! #minifistpump

Lunch Legend
Forget brekkie, lunch should be the most important meal of the day. It’s just a shame that we don’t get to really enjoy the full benefits of an hour off work; you’re either patiently awaiting the microwave or trekking down to the nearest sandwich shop for the same old snack.

Thankfully online takeaway ordering service JUST EAT have come up with a solution, giving you the opportunity to win lunch for your office with their Lunch Legend competition. You’ll be able to feed your famished co-workers with £250 worth of JUST EAT takeaway vouchers. And to cap it off, you needn’t leave your desk.

If you want to be the person treating your colleagues to a feast of Roman proportions – be careful that the nickname Caesar doesn’t stick – then follow the link above and fill out the application form before 12 midday on 25 March 2015. Entries open today at midday so get applying!

As application forms go, this is in the top one percent, requiring little to no effort on your part, unlike when stuck in a lift with colleague that you can’t remember the name of (now that is a challenge). Simply give your name, mobile number, email, home postcode, name of workplace, workforce of workplace, workplace postcode and risk not reading the terms and conditions.

Lunch Legend1You deserve to be able to recline during your lunch hour; it’s your Sunday in a day full of Mondays. The admiration and favours you would win from your colleagues will be unreal, you should never be allowed within touching distance from a kettle. Now that’s a #minifistpump moment if there ever was one.

An essential for human happiness, the Mini fist pump is all about celebrating small victories in life and things that make life easier; JUST EAT certainly make things easier.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

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