Ambition Meter Showing Motivation And Drive“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

What is enthusiasm? Enthusiasm is contagious. It’s about getting excited and showing you are passionate. Enthusiasm is one of those things that you know when you see it and other people know when you have it.

During an interview enthusiasm comes through in the way that you speak. It involves your facial expressions. How you choose to dress and your posture can show your level of enthusiasm. How would you feel if your interviewer talked quietly, didn’t look you in the eye, had a weak handshake, chose not to smile, slouched in their chair and dressed like a slob? Would you leave the interview feeling enamoured to take the process further?

Take a look at the following 5 techniques that will keep you focused during an interview and ensure that you come across with the expected enthusiasm of a strong candidate whether you are looking to move internally with your existing employer or external with a new company:

1. Enthusiasm when you speak

Increasing the volume and the pitch when you talk will improve your enthusiasm on the inside. Before an interview think of something you are enthusiastic about and keep this thought in your mind whenever you feel your enthusiasm is lacking.

2. Enthusiasm can become a habit

Ensure that you practice good interview habits to convey your enthusiasm to the interviewer by standing up straight, smiling, giving a firm handshake, and maintaining eye contact.

REMEMBER you have to believe in what you want to be enthusiastic about. If you don’t believe in something, and you try to be enthused, you will come across to others as being phony. If you believe, your enthusiasm will be genuine.

3. Retaining enthusiasm in your job search

The longer you spend looking for work, the harder it can become to retain your enthusiasm for your job search. Whilst you can´t help feeling defeated at times after submitting dozens of applications and attending numerous interviews you need to find ways to motivate yourself, you have to find your inner passion again and again.

If you’ve been looking for work for a while then find an interest that you are passionate about. Even if your interest is not relevant to the job you are looking for spending time in the interests that you love will help give you the energy you need for your interviews

4. Retaining enthusiasm during the interview

If you no longer feel enthused with your answers or questions then the interviewer will also become bored senseless too! In each interview you need to find something to be enthusiastic about. It could be changing your answer or asking a different question. You need to show the interviewer how you will solve their problem by hiring you and above all you have to be enthusiastic about it!

5. Maintaining your enthusiasm

Before attending an interview read something that inspires you or watch a movie that gets your enthusiasm going. Write out your goals and dreams. I have created a `Dream Chart´ with my 10 year old daughter, we’ve created a chart with pictures of things we want now and in the future. By visualising our goals and dreams each day we feel enthusiastic to take the appropriate action.

There are plenty of ways you can motivate your enthusiasm and they don’t always have to be difficult they can be simple too!

“Enthusiasm makes ordinary people extraordinary.”

About the author

Nikki Hutchison, founder of Chilli Pepper Global advising you on every aspect of the job seeking process guiding you step by step whether you are looking to move internally or externally.

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