Equality and Human Rights Commission launches maternity campaign

A new national campaign, led by British business, has been launched by The Equality and Human Rights Commission, in support of pregnant women and new mothers. Pregnant woman holding baby bump whilst on the laptop at work

‘Working Forward’ pledges to:

“I pledge to make my workplace the best it can be for pregnant women and new mothers.”
1. Demonstrating leadership from the top down
2. Ensuring confident employees
3. Training and supporting line managers
4. Offering flexible working practices”

The commission have brought together an alliance of businesses who will share their knowledge and advice with their peers, on maternity rights for employees.

As many as 77% of mothers told the commission that they’d had a negative or discriminatory experience at work, which is the equivalent of 390,000 mothers. This is a big contrast in comparison to the 84% of businesses who claimed to support pregnant women and maternity cover.

The Royal Mail, Barclays and BT have all already put Working Forward into practice and have implemented handbooks, job sharing and coaching programmes to ensure full support for those with childcare commitments.

You can join The Equality and Human Right Commission in making workplaces the best they can be for pregnant women and new mothers by signing up here 

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