Essential gadgets to make your commute to work bearable

Tablet-woman-on-trainSpending hours every day commuting to work is clearly not much fun for any of us.

Whether it’s sitting on the train, the bus, or sitting in queues of traffic in the car, the recent study which showed that workers are commuting longer distances than ever, was both unsurprising and depressing. So are there ways to make commuting more bearable? Less stressful and even fun? Well, that’s where technology comes in. Gadgets for gaming, entertainment and helping avoid traffic jams, can all help make your journey to work that little bit easier. Here we explore five of the best gadgets to help make that commute a little less hellish:

The Sony Xperia Z2 tablet

Sony claim that their new tablet is the lightest in the world today, and we’re not about to dispute the fact. Certainly its lightweight and slim design lends itself to a tablet that’s perfect for commuting, but it’s what’s going on inside that may really help your journey. Whether you’re playing games, watching Game Of Thrones or listening to, ahem, One Direction, the Xperia Z2’s raw power, battery life and quality build will have you entertained the whole way to work.

The Nokia Lumia 720

Of course, mobile phones have been helping us through our commutes for a long time now, but the Nokia Lumia 720 is a great-looking, lightweight phone, that’s perfect for keeping us occupied on those long journeys. As well as having enough processor power to keep all of your social networking brisk and smooth, it also has a great maps and sat nav function if you’re behind the wheel. It also boasts top music software and even Microsoft Office if you’re doing a spot of work on the move. Check out the Nokia Lumia 720 with all the mobile phones from Virgin Media.

iPod Nano

If music is your thing, why not invest in the latest iPod Nano from Apple? The little music player is cool and light, and comes with built-in clips and multitouch screens, making it perfect for using on the run. They come in loads of great colours, has a 16GB capacity and also has VoiceOver gestures, ideal for bikers or those moments when you’re trying to stand up on the Tube!

Nintendo 3DS

Even though you might be tempted to try and do an extra hour of work on your commute, sometimes it’s time to kick back and have some fun. The Nintendo 3DS is a 3D gaming experience which won’t cost you the Earth and is so compact you can slip it in your pocket.

Garmin Nuvi 3598LMT-D Sat Nav

If you’re driving to different places every day, or just need some help avoiding the inevitable traffic, then why not try a sat nav? The Garmin Nuvi 3598LMT-D is one of the best on the market, with easy route entry and a seamless menu system.

So there’s our rundown of the best gadgets to help with that arduous commute. Before long you’ll be looking forward to that quiet time with your favourite gadget!

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