An Evening with Amy Cuddy

Amy CuddyBNY Mellon’s Women’s Initiative Network recently collaborated with IMPACT, the company’s multicultural ERG, to bring renown ‘Ted Talk-er’ Amy Cuddy  to our London office and give a masterclass on Presence: the ability to shape the impression we give to others, and ensure that we feel strongest in the moments that really matter.

In this talk, Amy drew on cutting-edge science to explain how we can adopt physical and psychological behaviours that will allow us to feel self-assured in high-pressure moments.

By presenting opportunities for people to network with others with whom they have shared experiences, BNY Mellon seeks to help all of its employees around the globe feel welcomed and included.  Accordingly, we have six cross-company employee resource groups that recognise the value of our diverse and global workforce.

We encourage you to watch her Ted Talk here

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