02/04/2020: Design an equal hiring process for your business | She Wins

02/04/2020: Design an equal hiring process for your business | She Wins

02apr09:0017:0002/04/2020: Design an equal hiring process for your business | She Wins

She Wins Training Event in London

Event Details

This training course is designed to help you understand and improve your hiring processes and individual biases that are likely preventing you from treating all employees equally, but especially women.

As a result of this training day, you will set your company on track to hire, pay fairly and retain more talented women in all levels of seniority.

What you get: 

  • 1-day highly practical and interactive training

  • Training materials to keep for each attendee

  • Lunch & coffee break are included

Training group size: up to 12 people

Who should invest in this training?

Companies with a gender pay gap, lack of talented women in senior roles and that care about building a truly diverse and equal place to work for all employees.

Who will benefit from this training?

Anyone actively engaged in hiring processes and decisions – e.g.  internal recruiting teams, hiring managers and company leaders.

Training Day Structure

  • Introduction to the day and ice breaker activity 

  • Introduction to gender pay gap – A brief look at the Gender Pay Gap in the technology sector, the reasons behind it, ways how it affects businesses and what does hiring processes and negotiation has to do with it. Followed by small group discussion on current situation in attendees businesses.

  • Principles of effective process design using behavioural science

  • Hiring process analysis and design

    • Attendees will map, analyse and think of improvements of their current processes and activities involved in the five key steps of hiring a new employee – job posting, candidate selection, interview process, job package negotiation and employee induction.

    • We will focus on one key hiring step at a time allowing attendees to really dive in. We will provide examples and discuss the latest research, evidence and best practices behind each process. There will also be plenty of small group brainstorming/discussions allowing attendees to learn from each other.

    • Each attendee will end up with a map of their current hiring process and concrete actions they can take to try to equalize each step.

  • Action plan creation – Participants will select three improvements they believe will have the biggest impact in their organisation. They will create a step by step action plan to help them implement selected improvements internally using behavioural science and measure their success. Tips of how to get senior leaders and their team on board.

  • Hiring process measurement – We will provide attendees with guidance and templates on how to measure effectiveness of their hiring process when it comes to equality and diversity.

  • Wrap up & reflection – summarising and reflecting on key learnings.




(Thursday) 09:00 - 17:00


Central London