04/07/19: From Faker to Fearless | WIBF

04/07/19: From Faker to Fearless | WIBF

04jul17:0019:0004/07/19: From Faker to Fearless | WIBF

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Research into the imposter phenomenon (IP) has been ongoing for over 40 years.

The experience of “intellectual fraudulence” is common and is likely to be at the heart of why diversity and inclusion initiatives are not gaining traction. Dr Terri Simpkin is continuing the research by looking at whether and/or how the IP is impacting on women in STEM and non-traditional occupations, such as finance.

Dr Terri Simpkin is an academic, researcher and expert in emerging leadership and management theory, but, like many other people, Terri has experienced the Imposter Phenomenon – that intense but irrational feeling of intellectual fraudulence. Braver Stronger, Smarter (www.braverstongersmarter.com) is based on over forty years of empirical research and driven by Terri’s own international research into the IP, and is a suite of initiatives aimed at developing personal mastery, recognising latent talent in those who may not see their own potential. It offers a blend of insight for professional impact, personal mastery and greater workplace effectiveness.

In this short interactive session, From Faker to Fearless, Terri aims to provide people with a clear picture of what the imposter phenomenon (IP) is, what the impacts are, how it can be overcome, and to better inform women about the IP beyond the narrow and shallow focus often found on social media.


  • 5.00pm Registration & Networking
  • 5.30pm Speaker – Dr Terri Simpkin
  • 7.00pm Close



(Thursday) 17:00 - 19:00(GMT+00:00)


Hays, 3rd Floor

1 Colmore Square, Birmingham B4 6AJ