06/10/2018 – Strut Summit 6

october, 2018

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If you’ve ever felt depressed whilst looking at beauty magazines, feeling that you’ll never be enough then this is the event for you.

Join the Headmistress and friends for an afternoon of STRUTTERLY FABULOUS dance classes designed to BOOST SELF CONFIDENCE and RELEASE YOUR INNER DIVA.

In a world where the media pushes perfect images and enforces unrealistic ideals of how we should look; where the fake perfectionism of social media puts pressure on us to be the perfect person and in a world where body shaming comes second nature, someone has to stand up and say “ENOUGH! You are you perfect just as you are!” If you’re crying out for this message and want practical ways of letting that message really sink in by feeling it, not just hearing it, then the Strut Summit at the School of Strut is for you. We will teach you to walk tall, project confidence and to love what your mamma gave ya!



The Headmistress will welcome everyone to the Strut Summit!

2:40pm DIVANOMICS – CLASS with Zoe McNulty

There is a formula to becoming a Diva. What is it? You WERK IT OUT!! Divanomics is an easy, follow-along dance class, no difficult choreography to remember, set to super-sassy songs which urge you to unleash your inner diva.

3:20pm  LOVE DISFIGURE- TALK with Sylvia Mac

Sylvia Mac is a successful campaigner having appeared on This Morning, BBC Women’s hour, BBC World News, BBC Radio, 2 Jeremy Vine, Radio London, Independent, daily Mail, The Sun, Guardian. She created Love Disfigure out of a need to raise awareness and support those living with disfigurement. Her message is to not allow how you look to stop you from achieving. 

3:30pm  BODYLANGUAGE- CLASS with Zoe McNulty

BodyLanguage is a sensual yet energetic dance aerobics session focusing on flow, posture and grace and designed to change your internal dialogue and enhance what you communicate about yourself, to the world.

4:10pm BREAK

4:20pm RAUNCH – CLASS with Zoe McNulty

Raunch, described as Burlesque on steroids, is an über-sexy dance class which pushes the boundaries of conventional dance classes. Release your naughtiest inner diva with fabulous floor work, seductive smouldering and raunchy rhythms!

4:50pm THE UPLIFTING DOCTOR – TALK with Rhian Bartholomew

Rhian Bartholomew the Uplifting Doctor is a GP who applies the Health At Every Size approach to her practice. This doctor won’t tell you you need to lose weight, in fact she will tell you why focusing on weight loss is in fact bad for you and what you should be doing to improve your health.

5:00pm BOOIAKA – CLASS with Danielle Hyde

Being a busy mum of 2, dancing is the thing that Danielle makes sure she does for herself. She says “My main motivation for teaching is to show that Dance is for everyone regardless of ability, experience or appearance.” And that why we love her. She’s bringing Booiaka to the table too! Booiaka will always be my favourite dance programme outside of School of Strut.

5:40pm NAKED STAND UP – PERFORMANCE with Glory Pearl

London Cabaret Awards nominee Glory Pearl began performing burlesque in 2008. Following serious injury in 2011 she had to re-evaluate her relationship with her body, and became increasingly frustrated by contemporary discourse on beauty, body image, and our relationship with our physical selves which she addresses with her stand up comedy routines… naked! Pearl describes herself as a feminist – something she believes is entirely compatible with taking one’s clothes off for a living.

5:50pm STRUTOLOGY – CLASS with Zoe McNulty

Strutology is the art of strutting one’s stuff. The SASSIEST dance class in the STRUTosphere will empower you, teach you how to carry yourself, ooze self confidence and boost your esteem instantly. Bring trainers & heels (optional)!

6:30pm FINISH – Thanks!






(Saturday) 14:30 - 18:00


Jacksons Lane

269a Archway Road, Highgate

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