06/12/19: Mental Health & Wellbeing Accelerator for Leaders | Lisa Barnwell

06/12/19: Mental Health & Wellbeing Accelerator for Leaders | Lisa Barnwell

06dec09:3016:3006/12/19: Mental Health & Wellbeing Accelerator for Leaders | Lisa Barnwell

Mental Health & Wellbeing Event in London by Lisa Barnwell

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What are the challenges in your business relating to you, your people and your health and wellbeing?

Are you running on empty, firing on all cylinders or somewhere inbetween?

What possibilties open up for you and your business in 2020 if you and your people work in healthier ways, with more energy, creativity and clarity between you?

Our beliefs and thoughts drive our actions. When we get stuck in closed loop thinking we act from a place of powerlessness and feel stuck and frustated. We make poor choices, bad decisions and our confidence takes a dive. We procrastinate and our performance suffers and has a ripple effect on those around us. No matter how senior or experienced we are.

This one day experiential workshop will help you understand how to create greater health and wellbeing and shift into and maintain a growth mindset, critical for all Leaders in business today. It will help ensure you have strong foundations in place for unshakeable trust in your own intuition, connection to a deeper knowing and the ability to forge more authentic relationships with stakeholders and those that you lead. The cost of underperformance in business is rising to critical levels but you can help turn the tide.

I’m a coach working with senior female leaders; helping transform their health, growth and impact so they can model better ways of working to shift our corporate culture into something we all want to be a part of. I know thousands of women (myself included) who have used these tools to unlock an incredible feminine power that transforms the way we work and lead. I’ve seen the most brilliant minds struggle with how to change their thinking, pushing themselves to use strategies and intelligence to solve a problem, only to discover the key is something much simpler.

Having access to these tried and tested practical tools will help you be the strong and secure leader you want to be; inspiring change and making a difference in a way that’s sustainable for you and those around you.



(Friday) 09:30 - 16:30(GMT+00:00)