07/04/20: Webinar: World Health Day 2020 | CMI

07/04/20: Webinar: World Health Day 2020 | CMI

07apr12:5013:2007/04/20: Webinar: World Health Day 2020 | CMI

CMI webinar - WORLD HEALTH DAY 2020

Event Details

This webinar will explore how we can all take responsibility – as people who have roles employers and employees – for building a balanced life that meaningful work is an important part of.

Today, mental illness in the workplace costs the UK economy £34.9 billion in reduced productivity and sickness absence, according to the Centre for Mental Health. Mental Health First Aid England seeks to give everyone the tools to better understand and cope with mental health day to day.

Simon will share experiences from different phases and stages of his life and career to explore how the traditional concept and understanding of work-life balance may need rethinking in the light of trends in work – for example increased flexibility and always being able to be attached to our email. He will also talk about self-care and how we can all make sure we are both well and high performing.

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(Tuesday) 12:50 - 13:20