08/05/19: Executive Shine Workshop | Streets Consulting

08/05/19: Executive Shine Workshop | Streets Consulting

08may17:0020:0008/05/19: Executive Shine Workshop | Streets Consulting

Executive Shine Workshop

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Module One – Improvisation

However confident we may feel, there are often situations in business when we find ourselves falling back into old patterns, lacking the confidence to present or speak in front of a business or industry audience. With the use of professional improvisation exercises, this workshop will help you engage the more creative side of your brain and step out of your comfort zone, be more spontaneous, and practice being present and in the moment.

Because improvisation relies on trust and collaboration, building these skills will help you form deeper and more connected bonds with colleagues and clients. It will teach you to become more adaptable and responsive and ultimately believe in your aptitude to stand up and be heard, take risks, and express yourself with dexterity and confidence.

About Executive Shine

The Executive Shine programme currently comprises of three modules, designed to improve your communication skills and build confidence in various business scenarios. Each module is crafted with a deep understanding of business dynamics, a real appreciation for the importance of effective communication in achieving success at a corporate and individual level, and the value that comedy, acting and communications techniques can offer.

Highly effective communication comprises many different elements, both verbal and non-verbal, including body language and gesturing; posture, presence and energy; pace and tone of voice, eye contact and breathing. What you say is important, but how you say it has so much more impact.

Each session will help you to develop your own presentation style, holding true to your authentic self and personal style, enabling you to become a compelling spokesperson at any stage of your professional development.

Executive Shine is produced by Streets Consulting and delivered by corporate coach and an award-winning stand up comedian, who shares theatrical techniques to empower participants to communicate effectively and with confidence.

A Tried & Tested Approach

We worked closely with Innovate Finance and their ‘Women in Fintech’ initiative to test Executive Shine with their membership firms and are delighted that our workshops have been a resounding success. Every session was oversubscribed and the feedback has exceeded our expectations.

At Innovate Finance, we are keen to see a reflection of our diverse FinTech community in the public eye, on panels and on stages. For this reason, we were delighted to partner with Streets Consulting to trial their Executive Shine training programme as part of our ‘Women in FinTech’ initiative. We have had phenomenal positive feedback from all of our members who participated and would absolutely encourage ambitious executives to invest in themselves.” Charlotte Crosswell, CEO, Innovate Finance

Feedback from recent participants:

“AWESOME! So, so much fun! I’m glad I came – didn’t check my phone / clock once.”

“If confidence is an issue and you need a safe and supportive environment to explore how to improve your presentation style – this is it.”

“This was a really energetic and effective training session with lots of exercises to help make points.”




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