12/07/2018 – Overcome YOUR Barriers to Changing or Developing your Career at 40, or 50 (Online)

july, 2018

12jul19:0021:0012/07/2018 - Overcome YOUR Barriers to Changing or Developing your Career at 40, or 50 (Online)

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If you’re procrastinating about changing your career or developing your career at midlife, or if you’ve set off down a path to a new career but have got ‘stuck’, don’t worry, this meeting is for you.

Midlife career change can feel daunting. Sometime you may even feel as if there are ‘dragons’ to slay along the way. However, in this online meeting you’ll discover how you can convert your weighty burdenof doubts and fears about career change into the thrilling feelings of taking control of your career and choosing a more authentic and fulfilling life.

This meeting will give you fresh insights into some of the hazards that can trip you up along your midlife career change or career development path, so you’ve got a better idea of what might be holding YOU back. You’ll learn how to size up any barriers – is it a serious risk you need to manage or a challenge to push on through?

We’ll skill you up with the tools and technique to support your career change or career development, so that you’ll be better placed to handle any further challenges you run into.

Included in this meeting :-
  • Fresh perspectives about the broader implications of midlife career change, which may open up surprising reasons for why you’re not moving forward.
  • How you CAN resolve your apparently conflicting desires e.g ‘new challenges’ vs ‘stable employment’, or ‘doing what you love’ vs ‘earning big bucks’.
  • You’ll learn how you don’t have to make either/or decisions, and that you can have BOTH.
  • Practical tools and techniques to help you build your confidence and resilience so you keepup the momentum with your career change journey.
  • The tools and techniques that can take the stress and weightiness out of decision-makingand remove your fear of ‘getting it wrong’ or ‘losing’ what you’ve achieved so far.
  •  New ways to evaluate your progress so you stay motivated and energised for your careerchange journey.




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About Careers Reinventors 40+

Career Reinventors 40+ helps midlife professionals to reinvigorate or reinvent their careers to find more meaningful satisfying and rewarding work.

Midlife professionals face external pressures from globalisation, organisation restructuring and increasing automation and artificial intelligence, this can leave professionals feeling overworked,

unappreciated and insecure. In addition, just as psychologist Carl Jung identified; by the age of forty, many people question what they want from their lives and what they want from their careers. Everyone’s heard of the so-called ‘midlife crisis’. Jung attributed it to a ‘search for meaning’ and also a need to live a more ‘authentic’ life. This can lead to people wanting to develop and use talents that they may have previously neglected, and perhaps pursue a new career path.”

Midlife professionals need to discover personal strategies, and develop individual career reinvigoration and reinvention plans – and that’s what Career Reinventors 40+ supports them to do.”

About Trudy Lloyd BA(hons), MBA, MCIM

Trudy Lloyd is an award-winning professionally qualified career coach, business coach and facilitator.

With over 25 years’ experience in large and small organisations, consultancies and having started her own businesses, Trudy understands how professionals need to find a working environment where they can channel their talents, connect with others and feel a sense of belonging. She helps people to stand back from the chaos of their busy working lives, and to uncover what they really want, so that they can find work that is meaningful and satisfying to them, and create and enjoy their exciting next chapter.


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(Thursday) 19:00 - 21:00

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