12/09/19: Why Not YOU? One-Day Live Event | Kay White

12/09/19: Why Not YOU? One-Day Live Event | Kay White

12sep09:3018:0012/09/19: Why Not YOU? One-Day Live Event | Kay White

Why Not YOU? Kay White

Event Details

Challenge The Imposter Syndrome & Your Inner Critic AND Get Out of Your Own Way At Work.

Who is this One-Day Event for?

This is for you if you’re an experienced career woman who…

  • Explains away your achievements as lucky, or credits the team or circumstances, rather than let it be about you?
  • Shrinks down in your seat hoping you won’t be noticed rather than speak up?
  • Half expect someone to arrive at your desk and say “Fraud. You have no idea what you’re talking about”?
  • Compare yourself to others and find yourself wanting?
  • Wonder if people are serious so laugh when praised or a compliment comes your way and bat it off?
  • Listens to that inner voice saying “you’re not X enough” or “you’re being too big for your boots missy
  • Assumes everyone else’s experience or knowledge is ‘better’ or more relevant than yours?
  • Passes on or shies away from opportunities for fear of being found out.

Well, if you’ve said ‘Yes’ to any, if not all, of the above, let’s get together for a day and change that.

Outcomes and Focus for the Event:

  • Understand what’s behind this syndrome (you can watch out for when you might start doubting again)
  • What to focus on instead and how to give yourself a MASSIVE boost when you need it
  • What other successful people do when they come up against themselves and how you can do it too
  • How to rate yourself in key areas which ground you in your success and the validity of it
  • Take a moment to do something I do – a physical stance – which shifts your energy and superpowers
  • Understand what your ‘Inner Critic’ is really trying to do and find out how to make peace with it rather than fight it
  • Create a more empowering, truthful inner dialogue and then direct yourself at your opportunties
  • Enjoy masterminding with each other and learn from other career women just like you – and we’ll have some live, on-the-spot coaching and Q&A.

“I’m committed to showing up and showing YOU how to and why to stop sabotaging your success and challenge the imposter syndrome – all while being comfortable, confident and true to yourself. Are you?” –Kay White




(Thursday) 09:30 - 18:00


Royal Automobile Club

Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5HS