14/10/19: Den Of Decisions And Deadlines | WIBF

14/10/19: Den Of Decisions And Deadlines | WIBF

14oct18:0021:0014/10/19: Den Of Decisions And Deadlines | WIBF

Event Details

There are never enough hours in the working day to complete our tasks, are there?

So how do we prioritise what needs to be done first — and what do we do when another priority crashes in and wrecks your plan for the day?

This no-nonsense workshop will surprise you, test you, amuse you and give you a roller-coaster insight into an industry where missed deadlines simply aren’t allowed: TV News Production. Led by a BBC TV reporter with thirty years’ experience, you’ll debate news values in teams, make quick judgments, argue your case, deal with sudden change, and write quickly and succinctly … as the On Air Deadline approaches. You may even have a go reading off a moving television autocue!

Key take aways:

  • You’ll develop your confidence in speaking your mind to strangers, whilst listening to their points too
  • You’ll discover the techniques reporters use to focus on what’s relevant, and ditch what isn’t
  • You’ll enhance your written communication skills by turning dull facts into enticing headlines
  • You’ll experience drop-dead time pressure … and react in ways that may surprise you.


6.00pm – Registration

6.30pm – Speaker John Young

8.00pm – Networking

9.00pm – Close



(Monday) 18:00 - 21:00(GMT+00:00)



8-10 Moorgate London, EC2R 6DA