15/05/19: How to increase your energy and enjoyment at work | WIBF

15/05/19: How to increase your energy and enjoyment at work | WIBF

15may18:0021:0015/05/19: How to increase your energy and enjoyment at work | WIBF

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The ever-growing field of Positive Psychology, as well indeed as experience, tells us that using our strengths effectively increases energy levels, brings enjoyment, and takes the struggle out of work.

So rather than pushing a boulder uphill by focusing on our weaknesses, let’s shine the spotlight on our strengths. In this session we will:

  • Discuss what we mean by strengths and how they differ from skills
  • Share our stories and experiences, recalling and identifying our individual strengths in action
  • Explore how we can best use them to impact positively on our everyday working life
  • Develop an understanding of how to maximise our strengths according to the situation and avoid the dangers of overuse which commonly derail us

Key take-aways

  • Identify and build on key aspects of your work past and present that bring you the greatest satisfaction
  • Determine where you can make best use of your strengths to meet day-to-day challenges and opportunities
  • Grow awareness of others strengths and draw on these in order to build high performing teams
  • Commit specifically to using a core strength where you know it will impact positively on your fulfilment at work and your interactions with others

Una Murphy is a professional coach and facilitator (Certified with International Coach Federation) and a specialist in transition. Setting up Una Murphy Associates in 2014, she coaches and facilitates on a range of initiatives from leadership development and change programmes to career consultancy.

Her focus is on enabling the leaders she supports to live with purpose, optimise their strengths and build collaborative relationships that lead to success for all.

She successfully led the BBC’s career transition service 2008 – 2013 at a time when the corporation was implementing a series of organisation wide change programmes.

Una has specialist knowledge of the media sector with an extensive network in TV and Digital. She has considerable experience in supporting start-ups and creative entrepreneurs in this area.


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6.30pm Speaker – Una Murphy

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(Wednesday) 18:00 - 21:00