january, 2019

19jan10:0013:0019/01/2019 - WOMEN DEMAND BREAD & ROSES! RALLY FOR #WeAreChange

Event Details

Reminiscent of the 1912 Bread & Roses protests which revolutionised workers’ rightsfor women, Women’s March London will galvanise thousands for a Bread & Roses rally against Austerity in the United Kingdom.

It is the common denominator in the rise of economic oppression, violence against women, gender pay gap, racism, fascism, institutional sexual harassment, hostile environment and Brexit. Mostly impacting marginalised groups of people in the United Kingdom who are the many not the few.

With the imminence of Brexit, we want austerity to end and are demanding specific assurances from the UK government. It is time to eliminate the dividing line betweenthe ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’. Equality demands that we all get to thrive and not justsurvive. We demand Prosperity not Austerity.

Protesters will join the #WeAreChange call for action which is (i) a PLEDGE to protect and serve each other with love, unity and solidarity; (ii) a PROMISE to exercise our civic duty to vote in every circumstance that will shape a progressive society; and (iii) a CONVICTION to call out any racism or form of phobia we see online and offline.

The Bread & Roses Jan 19 rally will replicate the defiance and celebration of previousmarches and rallies by Women’s March London, which led to thousands of people taking to the streets of central London. It will see people from diverse communities, faiths, sex, race, political affiliations and backgrounds stand up and show up to speak with one voice #WeAreChange.


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(Saturday) 10:00 - 13:00

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