19/11/19: Masculinity in the Workplace 2019 | HeANDShe X Token Man

19/11/19: Masculinity in the Workplace 2019 | HeANDShe X Token Man

19nov14:0019:0019/11/19: Masculinity in the Workplace 2019 | HeANDShe X Token Man

Masculinity in the workplace

Event Details

For 2019’s Masculinity in the Workplace Conference, we’re on a mission to redefine the notion of ‘male hero’.

In an afternoon of live discussion, debate and exploration we will collectively re-define a new, modern masculinity and celebrate the benefits of this for a happier, more fulfilling and inclusive workplace.

The word ‘hero’ conjures a mythical figure unattainable for men in today’s world. However, there are many men who have faced difficulty and heartache and triumphed, not through brute force, but by expanding their capacity for vulnerability. These men show us the opportunity of relinquishing privilege and letting go of outdated stereotypes.

By challenging the limiting and narrow constructs of masculinity that currently exist in the workplace, we will curate a fresh conversation to provide inspiration for change. We will look at the opportunities for male leaders to embrace change, expand their capacity for vulnerability, proudly work flexibly and stimulate an open conversation around mental health issues.

Join us in creating a culture of inclusion for the workplace; a culture where being a male leader is a celebration of positive vulnerability, dual caregiving and balanced mental health.

We will explore:

  • What does modern masculinity in the workplace look like?
  • What are the advantages of letting go of outdated stereotypes about masculinity?
  • How could men use their privilege to benefit everyone in the workplace?
  • How can masculine leadership move from ‘power over’ to ‘power with’ and ‘power to’?
  • How do we get more men to take on primary / dual caregiver roles?

What to expect:

The event is for anyone who is passionate about driving gender equality in the workplace and we welcome everyone however they identify or express themselves. In particular we would love to see a broad representation of CEOs, CMOs, HR Directors and Inclusion & Diversity Practioners. Irrespective expect to come away with:

  • A better understanding of the impact a more modern and positive view of masculinity can have on the workplace
  • Case studies to show how change is already being delivered in the workplace
  • A list of small things you can do tomorrow as a business to make a difference to well being
  • A real understanding of the value a more inclusive workplace will have on your business results




(Tuesday) 14:00 - 19:00


Havas UK

3 The HKX Building, Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG